The races of Int-Inline-Cup are ARGE Point-races (German organizers).

Inline skating by the DSV will occur according to the German Competition Rules (DWO).

Mode 2017

- Plate system: 
   Only plates that are not fixed to the road surface may be used.

- 2 runs;  the time of both runs will be added together
   After the first run the course will be modified (except in special

- To qualify for the optional finals you must be one of either:
   The fastest 25 Females, or
   The fastest 25 Males

- The overall race standings
   For the overall standings in each category world cup points will be given
   for each race. A competitor must participate in a minimum of 2 races
   to be eligible for these points.
   No non-result is considerd.
   In the case of a draw, the result will be decided by the final run.

- The overall winner of the International Inline-Cup
   Female / Male (U14 and older)
   The percent of each person’s handicap will be calculated based
   on the overall fastest time of the day. To be assessed a competitor
   must participate in a minimum of 3 races. No non-result is considerd.

Categories for males and females respectively are:

U8 2009 and younger
U10 2008-2007
U12 2006-2005
U14 2004-2003
U16 2002-2001
U18 2000-1999
U21 1998-1996
Active 1995-1977
Senior 1976 and older


Prizes for each race by category:
 Place 1-10 Certificate
 Place 1-3 Trophy (U8 to U16)

 Place 1-3 Trophy or mixed prize (the Young, Active and Senior)

Prizes per race for finals:
 Place 1-5 Prize money or mixed prize

Prize for the leader of the overall race standings (by category):
 Place 1-3 Trophy

The overall winner Female/Male:
 Place 1 Trophy